Hawaii Travel Notes with Nini Narvaez

Hawaii Travel Notes with Nini Narvaez

We spent near a week with local girl Nini Narvaez whilst shooting our October campaign in the paradise that is Waikiki, Hawaii. Though slightly further south from Ohau where Nini was born & raised, Waikiki is certainly a place to visit in your lifetime. Amongst the chaos of the island there are a handful of hidden gems that only locals know about, and we had the chance to tag along as Nini gave us a personal tour of her favourite must-see destinations.

Maldives Trilette Top and Beacht Pant White 1.jpg

Nini wears the Maldives Trilette Top and Hi Cut Pant in White

Roaming the streets of Waikiki in the Venice Shirt Ecru and our Society Denim Jeans, coming soon to Rhythm.


If you like more of the city vibes I’d stay in Waikiki. There is so much to do there during the day like surfing! And during the night you'll find a nice place to eat at every corner of the street. But, if you want to lay back and chill I would stay on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s so beautiful and a quiet place to stay. The beaches can go on for miles too!



Whenever I have family or friends coming to Oahu to visit I would take them around the island. It’s so beautiful to see every part of the island starting from the west side that has the most beautiful beaches with the greenest mountains. Then drive through Waikiki and around Diamond Head. The best part of driving around the island is the east side. You are driving so close to the coastline for miles. 



There is so much to do on this tiny island! Oahu has some the best hikes with mind blowing views and waterfalls. You can swim with dolphins and even go on a shark tour if you're feeling wild! We have the clearest waters so I’d recommend to go snorkelling, maybe you'll get lucky and find some shells!



My favourite place to shop and look around is Salt in Kakaako. It is an entire city block filled with the best places to eat with boutique stores to shop at. Be prepared to stay there all day because there’s so much to see! My favourite place to shop is Paiko it’s a botanical boutique that has the best plants!



The perfect place to swim on Oahu is any beach on the North Shore! The ocean is so crystal clear with no one around. But, only go during the summer to swim. North Shore during the winter the waves get extremely big and not good for swimming.



Oahu is filled with the best places to eat! But when I’m in Waikiki I NEED to go to Leonards Bakery and get the best Malasadas on the island! But if you like Acai and fruits check out Banan in Waikiki. It’s a soft serve that they put in a half cut papaya with all types of toppings. It’s best after when you had a 5 hour surf sesh or when you've been in the sun all day!

Pure happiness captured of Nini enjoying Acai from Banan. Here she wears Porto Cami Top and Skirt in Sundream.


Nini in the our easy wearing, 100% linen Positano Dress